Dating Scams Investigation

Youth of today is spending more than 50+ hours a week on an average using electronic/internet media and they are communicating with more than one person simultaneously using multiple internet avenues like chat, email, social networks etc. The Indian online dating scams has arrived here, live-ins have become so commonplace in some parts, video and email chats are all the rage, But where do all these people meet, on the road? In a friend's party? Office?, the answer of course lies with a revolution which has been bridging the rural urban divide, Internet! Believe it or not almost 90% of active Internet users accessed Dating/friendship sites.

The scammers uses internet dating websites, email and social media to lure out their next victim. They share personal information. They tell lies and make up stories about their life, making you believe everything they tell you! They bond with you and start a romance with you. They will sometimes gain your trust by sending gifts.

H S Detectives in Mumbai is smart and resourceful. We have well trained professionals who offer effective and fast service. Our Private Investigators with knowledge surrounding the scam uses in depth background Investigations, multiple platforms and tracing methods to obtain the information and confirm the scammers true identity. We will shadow the suspect and monitor all their activities. Your spouse might be having an affair or your friend may be involved in something which might harm you; no matter what the hidden secrets are, the Mumbai detectives are going to uncover them all.

Using high-tech tools as well as 'on the ground' human intelligence and proprietary research techniques, our teams of investigators and analysts gather information from various public/private physical and digital sources for our detailed report.

We also need to protect our senior citizens who are especially vulnerable. They are often lonely, place a different value on money, and due to fears of being humiliated, will not report being victims of these types of criminal scams. The best defense is to not answer unsolicited emails and definitely never provide anyone with your financial information, social security number or anything that can compromise your money, credit, or identity.

These are just a few of the potential warning signs but by no means are we suggesting that EVERY contact you make is a scammer. However, we will be able to confirm if they are BEFORE you make any type of commitment to them and most certainly BEFORE you arrange any kind of meeting.