Employment Verification

Whether you are a one person proprietorship adding your first employee, a small business expanding rapidly across functional areas, a medium business growing across different product lines and geography, or a large enterprise spreading across continents, HS Detective all your background screening and verification needs covered.

H S Detective provides the following types of checks:

• FAST Turnaround
• Professionally Managed Service
• Customized Screening Programs
• Easy-to-Read Clear Reports
• Cost-effective Results
• Nationwide Coverage
• International Coverage
• Specialized Background Services

A large number of businesses, of every size, across different industry verticals, and from different parts of Detective agency in India have selected us for their background screening requirements. HS Detective Mumbai, understand how critical each of the individual checks is for your background verification requirements, so we never cut any corners or provide false promises.

We are in a position to deliver these background checks across India. We also have the capability to provide most of these checks in the overseas geography too.