Extra Marital Affair Investigation

In cases where a matrimonial partner may be residing with a new partner, evidence can be obtained to assist in divorce settlement claims and in divorce cases. Investigators will conduct covert surveillance to ascertain suspicious behavior and activities, where the client’s partner is meeting his / her love interest, where they spend their time together and over what period of time etc.

H S Detective Agency in Mumbai is specialized in exploiting the resources and putting in its 100% sincere efforts in order to come out with some useful information and positive investigation results. We have a team of professional and experienced investigators and they are equipped with advanced equipment’s so that they can execute their investigation tasks in the best possible manner. Our investigators tracks out the day to day activities of the suspect party and ad bring out the entire facts that are associated with their social status, financial check and character.As a comprehensive detective agency for extra marital affairs, we help you to get required evidence/proof of an extramarital affair as soon as possible. Our infidelity experts and extra marital investigators consult with spouses who need to investigate an extra marital, lover, date, partner, ex-wife, ex-husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mistress or other person cheating in the relationship or marriage.

We advise you to stop living in doubt and avail our marital infidelity service to check up on your girlfriend / spouse / fiancée or boyfriend. Our team has rich experience in solving extra marital investigations, matrimonial infidelity investigation, marital affairs verifications, etc. H S Detective is really the best private detective agencies in Mumbai and it can surely help you in spawning the best end result with its extramarital affairs investigation.We assure you of complete secrecy of the job because we understand how sensitive the matter is to you. We take extreme care to ensure that our target person is never aware that he or she is being spied upon so as not to jeopardize the trust that your partner and his / her family has on you. Our skilled field agents will also provide video and photographic evidence wherever possible.