Post Matrimonial Investigation

Post matrimonial investigation is a check on spouse activities. Previous relationship is concerned, there is nothing wrong with it if it is a thing of the past. What is more important is to be faithful to each other after marriage. Mismatch results in extra-marital relationship and spouse infidelity which totally shatters the married life.

It is rightly said that success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. These days with the growing number of extra- marital affairs and spouses cheating on each other's these sayings does not make any sense.

A married couple sharing their daily office activities with each other is a good thing but in case the other partner takes it in a wrong way, then problems in the marriage might arise. This will lead to doubts on the other partner and could end in make false allegations against each other. When you feel your spouse is cheating on you or have an extramarital relation – it is always advised to verify the facts and collect some evidence (if possible), before taking any action.

In addition, false accusation against your partner might also lead to an irretrievable breakdown in your relationship. Persuasive doubts, infidelity or sudden demand of privacy and space might lead to leads to emotional & mental trauma. A complete Post Matrimonial Investigation can help you clear your doubts and acquire some strong evidence.

H S Detective is a private detective agency in Mumbai provide you with a detailed report concerning the family, age, address, education, nature, habits, character & reputation, past history, assets, financial background, social background, official position and other required details of the person.Our post-matrimonial detectives and investigators find the truth and provide a much clearer picture enabling you to take the right decision. We have a wide network of our agents every major country and city in the world. This means that once the case is given to us, we can guarantee to provide exceptional level of services, wherever and whatever the case might be. We employ many different methods including that of our discreet surveillance in order to obtain the invaluable evidence you need and once we do it successfully, we would require to co-ordinate with your legal representatives.