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Who WE are

HS Detective Agency is one of the best and fastest growing detective agency in Mumbai with hundred percent case solving ratio. We are located in Andheri, Mumbai and Mira Road, Thane. We provide our services throughout Mumbai and local Surroundings like Thane, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Ahmadabad, Nagpur, Raigad, Panvel and Goa etc.

The Ability To Create Detailed Reports
The most important overall skill to possess as a private investigator in India today is the ability to conduct in-depth interviews and then write detailed objective reports of your findings. These reports and memoranda of interviews could be the key documents in some form of litigation and could mean the proverbial difference between life or death for many of our clients. Unlike most private investigation agencies in Mumbai, our agents are highly educated armed with professional degrees and are adept in the art of oral and written communication and the ability to transcribe and write the facts of a case in grammatically correct and easy to read language that leaves little room for doubt or error. Because at the end of the day, information in your head has little value to clients compared to what they can read and easily retrieve via a printed report or an email.

It is finest service provider as detective agency in Mumbai in individual services like Matrimonial cases, Loyalty check of the partners, child monitoring, teen age monitoring, Evidence in family court cases, Enquiry of missing person case, Divorce related cases for evidence and proofs, Extra Matrimonial Affairs Check, Partners Cheating cases, Premarital check, Post Marital check and many more.

We are best Detective Agency in Corporate cases also like Record Search and Verification, Employment Verification, Intellectual Property, Bank Fraud, insurance Claim, Undercover agent, Asset Verification and many more. We invite you to call us on +91- 9930403115 and talk to a private investigator or visit the contact page to send us an email info@detectivesinmumbai.co.in