H S detective offers debugging services to secure essential information, data about your business plans, procedure and meeting details which can be disclosed or slipped in competitor hand & which will cause severe negative impact on your future business attempt. H S detective being equipped with state of the art of debugging devices can prevent leakage of information to business competitor.

Protection of business or personal intelligence is essential not only for maintaining privacy but also to have strategic advantage over competitors. Following are the indication of you being bugged:

  • Any electronic devices (e.g., wall clock, Television, Computer speakers, Cell phone, stabilizer, adopter etc) gifted or available in office or at residence.
  • Unauthorized staff in possession of your personal secret information.
  • Trade secrets leaked or made public.
  • Details about Minutes of meetings as well as tender information to Competitors.

  • H S Detective Finding hidden cameras and recording devices in homes, offices, cars etc. in mumbai. Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer program or a piece of electronic hardware, hence making it behave as expected.

    we will sweep the entire radio spectrum for hidden transmitters, hidden microphones, wireless video cameras, tape recorders, and phone taps. We will inspect vehicles for listening devices or GPS tracking units.

    If electronic devices have been placed in a home, office, business or vehicle, we will locate them, and negative them, sometimes we are able to also track backwards and are able to information who in the first place and placed them.

    H S detective as one of the oldest private detective agency provider in mumbai, Maharashtra highly recommend all who are at a risk of having their activities recorded to carry out our hidden camara services at their offices, cars, homes, etc.

    Our technical surveillance countermeasures sweep includes the following:

    • Infrared transmission sweep
    • Microwave (X-Band) transmission sweep
    • Cell phone bug sweep
    • Microphone sweep
    • Radio transmitter sweep
    • Video transmitter sweep
    • Hidden video camera sweep
    • Audio recorder sweep
    • Acoustic leakage inspection
    • Vehicle active and passive GPS sweep

    Most locations where condition are hidden:

    • Board Rooms before and during important meetings
    • Important Offices
    • Car
    • Residences

    There have been many a queries about locating hidden cameras and audio devices, spy gadgets hidden and covertly recording conversations and movements inside homes, corporate offices, cars, etc, this locating of such spy devices is called debugging, we have several devices that are used to help us identify where the secret device is actually hidden, our job as the foremost detective agency in Mumbai is identify the device we do not take the responsibility of disturbing the device or identifying who has installed it.